Community resilience

Community resilience is about knowing who your community are and being able to help and support each other in the face of a common crisis.

Utility failures, severe weather events and flooding cause disruption; in these events your community will be better prepared to cope when everyone works together using their local knowledge.

Having a Community Resilience Plan in place can help to make sure that your community is well prepared. A Community Resilience Plan will identify who will be able to offer support, specialist skills and equipment available and who will need the most help in an emergency. A plan is of great benefit and strengthens your community links.

If you are interested in promoting resilience further within your community you could volunteer as a Community Resilience Coordinator. You can contact our Emergency Planning Team for information. For more information on community resilience visit the Norfolk Resilience Forum’s Get Prepared web page

Public information

Visit the Suffolk Resilience website for Sizewell radiation emergency information. A small area of Norfolk sits in the Outline Emergency Planning Zone (OEPZ) and residents living in this area should see the ‘Beyond the DEPZ out to 30kms’ section of the website page.