Broadland District Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee:

  • advises the Cabinet and Council on its policies, budget and service delivery
  • monitors the performance and decisions of the Cabinet and Council
  • monitors the performance of council services and those delivered by partners

Committee members

  • Nigel Brennan
  • Peter Bulman
  • Sue Catchpole
  • Jan Davis
  • Natasha Harpley
  • Susan Holland
  • Caroline Karimi-Ghovanlou
  • Ken Kelly
  • Ken Leggett  MBE
  • Martin Murrell (C)
  • Grant Nurden
  • Richard Potter
  • Vacancy
  • Steve Riley
  • Stuart Clancy 

Substitutes: Any Conservative member but not a member of Cabinet.  Any Green member.  Any Labour member.  Any Liberal Democrat member.

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