Drinking water quality

Most properties within Broadland and South Norfolk receive their drinking water from a water company (mains supply), but some depend on private water supplies, which we are required to test, the fee for which varies. Please contact us using the details below to discuss further and arrange a visit. 

Mains water

Mains water is supplied by the local water authority. The two major water authorities in Norfolk are Anglian Water and Essex and Suffolk Water.

If you have any queries relating to your mains water supply, you should contact your water authority in the first instance. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction then you can contact the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater), the industry watchdog.

Private water supplies

A private water supply (PWS) is any supply that is not provided by a water company, which includes domestic and commercial. If you think your water is not provided by a water company, you should contact us. The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) has further information about private water supplies. 

The supply may serve just one property or several through a network of pipes.

The regulations require us to routinely sample supplies, to investigate failures of microbiological or chemical parameters and to conduct risk assessments. The fee for these services may vary. 

Private water supplies should be collected transported and tested within the scope of DWI accreditation 

If your property is served by a private water supply we recommend that you have your supply serviced regularly by a qualified water engineer.

New water supplies

A private water supply must not be used until we are satisfied that the supply will not constitute a potential danger to human health. Please contact us to discuss and arrange a visit.

Single domestic properties on a private supply

If your well or borehole serves only one property this will be classed as a 'single domestic property' (this excludes rental properties) and therefore are not required to have routine sampling by us. You can request that we risk assess or sample the supply. There is a fee for these services which may vary. 

If you are selling your house you may be required to provide up to date sample results, if you would like us to undertake this service please allow a minimum of 3 weeks. There is a fee for this service which may vary.

We also recommend that you have your supply serviced regularly by a qualified water engineer.

Environmental Quality Team