How we deal with planning applications

How to comment on an application

We welcome your views on all planning applications submitted.

You have a 21 day period in which to submit your comments.  All representations received prior to the determination of the application will be taken into account. As an application may be determined at any time after the 21 day period has expired, there is no guarantee that late submissions can be taken into account.

We will publish your postal address with your comments, however we will remove your name, signature, email address and telephone number from any comments we publish on our website and make available for public inspection.

Please note that comments made online will be published on the next working day.

Comments received will be retained for four years from the date of the decision of the application.

To view more information on how we handle your data, please view our full Privacy Notice on our data protection pages

Your rights - Under data protection legislation you have the right to request access to, rectification, restriction, or objection to the processing of your personal data, as detailed on our Data Protection Policy. You can contact our Data Protection Officer by emailing You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the regulator, the Information Commisioner's Office.

You can comment on an application by:

  1. Finding the planning application
    Use our simple search to locate the planning application you wish to comment on. If you have a reference number you can enter this (for example, 20230001 or 2023/0001). Please do not use a comma (,) between sections of the address and note that many planning applications do not have a postcode. You can also use a * symbol as a "wildcard".
  2. Registering to comment
    Once you have found the planning application you will need to register or login before making a comment. Creating an account will also allow you to save searches and track applications.
  3. Making a comment
    Once you have found the planning application you should see a tab near the top of the page called 'make a comment'. If the statutory period for consultation of 21 days has expired, the link will no longer be available. However, if the status of the application is ‘pending consideration’, you can still comment on the application by email or post to Planning, The Horizon Centre, Broadland Business Park, Peachman Way, Norwich NR7 0WF quoting the application number in any correspondence. Please include your postal address. Please note that applications can be determined any time after the 21 day period has expired and there is no guarantee that late comments will be taken into account. Any submitted comments, whether online, by email, or post, will be published on this website for anyone to see, and we reserve the right to remove any comments which are considered defamatory or offensive. Please note that the text box is limited to 2500 characters and that the page will time out after 30 minutes. You may wish to compose your comments (ie in word) prior to logging into the comments page, and then copy your drafted text for your submission. Comments made online will be published on the next working day.