Broadland's Traveller's Charm Trail

Graphic showing the travellers charm trail booklet.

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, Broadland District Council are releasing a free treasure trail to take you around Broadland. You can also take part in the free Queen's Treasure Trail in South Norfolk.

Have you ever met one of Norfolk’s Hikey Sprites? Or seen a sneaky Jack O’Lantern flickering in the fens? This unique and exciting trail will take you on quests throughout Broadland, helping you to discover new areas of the district you may not have explored before! Will you be able to complete the quest and find The Traveller's Charm?

Along the way, there will be discounts available to use at local shops and cafés, as well as amazing prizes to win! More information will be released on our social media and website soon.

We invite our Broadland residents to have fun and enjoy travelling around the district on foot, by bicycle, rail or even boat! Why not take your time in each location? Take a picnic and spend the day exploring what our wonderful district has to offer.

Paper booklets of the trails will be distributed to Broadland families via local schools in the next coming weeks, before the summer holidays.

Alternatively, download The Travellers Charm to print at home here.


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