Back To You

An older man doing stretches with an exercise band above his head and a woman assisting him

Keeping active in later life is a great way of reducing frailty and the risk of falling but we recognise that this isn't always easy as injuries, illnesses and age related health conditions also become more common in later life.

Back To You is a scheme in South Norfolk that aims to support residents who have recently fallen or are at risk of having a fall in their home. We recognise that exercise can seem daunting following an injury or fall, particularly for residents who live alone. In order to support your rehabilitation we will provide qualified exercise referral instructors who will work with  individuals on a 1:1 basis in their home for a minimum of eight weeks. Not only will our instructors create an exercise programme that is specific to the individual's health needs, they will also visit the client in their home weekly to complete the exercises, monitor technique and encourage progression. 

The aim of Back To You is to give residents the confidence to carry on living independently, at the end of our intervention we have a variety of community groups and classes to refer on to so that progression can continue.

To refer in to Back To You please complete the Independent Living Referral form.