Assisted bin collections

Who can apply for an assisted bin collection?

The service is only available when the following applies:

  • there are no able-bodied people living in the property with you, and you do not have any regular visitors able to put your bins out for collection, or away after collection
  • the bin should be placed easily accessible for the crews to locate and retrieve. Ideally the bin should be at the front of the property

And one or more of the following applies:

  • you are registered disabled
  • you are elderly or infirm
  • you have a physical medical condition meaning you are unable to move your bins
  • if you struggle to remember your bin collection day due to mental illness

How does the assisted collection work?

The crew will come onto your property on collection days, collect your bins, empty them and return the bin to where they got them from.

Assisted collections will be done for all bins and not any specific bins.

Our requirement is that your bins are located at the front of your property and are easily accessible for the crew to collect.

How do I apply?

If you are unsure which district you fall under, please check your local council before submitting the form below.

Broadland assisted bin collection

South Norfolk assisted bin collection