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The following provides a search facility to find planning applications in either Broadland District Council or South Norfolk Council areas

Please note that between 8 February and 22 February 2023 we will be migrating our Broadland planning system to new software. During this period you will still be able to view existng applications with a reference format of 20230123. You will also be able to submit comments on current applications using the first button below, however, comments submitted during this period will not be published on the application until after 22 February 2023. They will however be taken into account in the determination of the application and will be published on line as soon as practical. We apologise for any inconvenience 

Broadland planning application search

For Broadland planning applications registered after 8 February 2023 with a reference format of 2023/0123 please use the button below : 
South Norfolk and Broadland planning application search

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Both councils also provide information about how to comment on a planning application:

Weekly lists of planning applications

Both councils produce weekly lists of applications received and decisions made: