South Norfolk town and parish councils

South Norfolk has 100 town and parish councils and 13 parish meetings. Town and parish councils are separate and independent of South Norfolk Council.

Town and parish councils:

  • represent their local community
  • deliver services to meet local needs and improve the quality of life for their community
  • are funded by levying a parish 'precept' which is included in the Council Tax collected by South Norfolk Council
  • have unpaid councillors who are elected to serve for four years

Find out more about the role of town and parish councils

You can also download contact details and the Register of Interests for all town and parish councils.

You can also look up which polling district boundary covers which parish or ward. You can find out which parish or ward you live in  if you are not sure.

If you are interested in becoming a town or parish councillor, please contact your local parish council clerk. 

View town and parish council vacancies in South Norfolk.