Broadland: Pro-Grow give away to 1000 garden waste customers

Are you a garden waste customer? Enter our Pro-Grow compost giveaway today

Veolia will be giving away a 50 litre bag of Pro-Grow Multi-Purpose Compost to 1,000 customers to Broadland District Council garden waste customers.

To thank residents for helping the council to protect the environment by being customers of its kerbside garden waste collection service, Broadland District Council’s partner, Veolia will be giving away a 50 litre bag of Pro-Grow Multi-Purpose Compost to 1,000 customers.

Portfolio holder, Councillor Judy Leggett said:

“Our garden waste collection service has been incredibly successful, and we would like to thank our residents for helping us to reduce carbon emissions. The Council is continuously looking at ways we can work with our residents to protect our environment for future generations.”

Over 11,580 tonnes of garden waste were collected by Veolia across Broadland in 2021. After collection, the garden waste is delivered to a local windrow composting facility in the district.

The structure of Pro-Grow multipurpose compost encourages healthy root growth and retains soil moisture. Pro-Grow multipurpose is a careful blend of ingredients, including fertilisers, to boost the health of plants after planting for 6 to 8 weeks. It will improve soil fertility, break down heavy clay soils and add humus to sandy soils if used as a soil improver. Contains a slow-release fertiliser to give plants a boost after planting.

This versatile multipurpose compost is ideal for sowing seeds, rooting cuttings, transplanting seedlings, potting up containers & baskets and planting out in the garden. The compost is also 100% peat-free, to help protect the environment and prevent the loss of biodiversity and carbon footprint associated with the removal of peat from peatlands.

Duncan Mcburney, Contract Manager for Veolia UK, said:

“Our green waste collections service is more popular than ever and the recent increase in green waste collected by our crews shows that residents are taking advantage of the warmer weather to enjoy their garden. We hope that giving away 1,000 bags of compost means residents have a chance to try it for themselves and discover how important it is to be part of a circular economy solution – from recycling their green waste in the convenience of their home to helping to create compost, which will nourish their garden all over again. Please don’t forget that soil can inhibit the composting process and should never be placed in your brown green waste bin.”

Residents who have resubscribed for the garden waste collection service in 2022/23 will be able to enter the giveaway by completing an online form accessible at LINK. Distribution of the bags will be after 18 July.

In order to receive a bag, residents must have renewed their garden waste subscription for 2022/23 and have been customers of the service for at least a year.

Terms and conditions apply.

Find out how to sign up here.

Published: 12 July 2022