Broadland: New outdoor space ready for visitors in Blofield

Cllr Justine Thomas with the bench she helped fund

Broadland District Councillor Justine Thomas has officially opened Marty’s Marsh, an outdoor community space, on behalf of Blofield Parish Council.

Broadland District Council helped Blofield Parish Council purchase the land in 2019, between Langham Green and Cremer's Meadow off the Brundall/Blofield Road, to preserve it for community use and protect it from development.

The parish council asked Cllr Thomas to open Marty’s Marsh at a ribbon cutting ceremony recently as she donated some of her Member Grant to enable the purchase of a seating bench for the area, which was previously a grazing pasture and has been unused for nine years. Cllr Thomas said:

“By taking on the site, Blofield Parish Council provided a recreation area for local people while also implementing a proactive management regime to enhance biodiversity and connected existing publicly accessible natural areas to the countryside. It’s a really lovely space now and has been much appreciated as an outdoor open space for people during the pandemic. I am delighted to have been able to contribute by helping fund a seating bench to help visitors enjoy Marty’s Marsh.” 

A public pathway has been created through the land from footpath 12, south of Blofield Churchyard to Cremer's Meadow.

Each of the Broadland District Councillors have an annual budget of £500 to spend on projects within their wards. Please contact your local district councillor about funding for your project.

Published: 12 August 2021