Keeping a Drug Free Pub

The use of illicit drugs is often associated with the night-time economy. Unfortunately even the most responsible and well-run licensed premises are not immune from issues surrounding drugs. We are, therefore, pleased to introduce the British Beer Pub Association’s updated guidance on drugs and pubs to ensure that licensees and their staff can be fully informed and equipped to tackle drug-related issues.

The guidance has been produced with valuable input from the Home Office and National Pubwatch. It contains useful information on the laws around drugs and licensed premises, as well as methods to assist licensees in identifying drug use and addressing any related problems. It also contains specific advice on the recent Psychoactive Substances Act and on door searches, along with detailed information on commonly used drugs.

Should you feel your premises has a drugs issue please contact the Licensing Team for your area or Norfolk Constabulary Licensing Team and we will work with you to try and resolve the problem.  Please rest assured that contacting us when you are attempting to prevent drugs in your premises will not reflect badly on yourself as the premises licence holder/designated premises supervisor.  

The Norfolk Constabulary Licensing Team in connection with Broadland District Council or South Norfolk Council (dependent upon area) can offer to swab your premises to identify areas of drug use to assist in identifying where problems exist.  If you would be interested in this service please contact us.