Staff wellbeing and why it's important to us

Wellbeing and mental health support on offer for employees

Here at Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils, we actively look to promote wellbeing tools and resources in order to maintain a happy and productive One Team.

In order to help employees manage their wellbeing and mental health, our employees have access to the following support networks and resources:

  • domestic abuse champions
  • menopause champions, a menopause support group and menopause resource bank
  • occupational therapy resources
  • a wellbeing resource bible with over 50 pages of categorised wellbeing and mental health support 
  • an employee assistance programme and wellbeing smartphone application 
  • bereavement support 
  • monthly topical webinars for staff hosted by a professional therapist 

Alongside many more resources all aimed at proactively supporting everyone within the One Team.

All of the information and resources are accessible through our staff intranet or individuals line managers.

What other support do we offer our employees?

  • In the One Team we value the wellbeing of our staff, our ambition is to ensure all our staff experience a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture when they work for the One Team. That's why we've partnered with Norfolk and Waveney Mind to ensure our staff have access to the best quality mental health and wellbeing support and resources. 

    Together with Norfolk and Waveney Mind we're working together to build healthier, more resilient work places and communities. 

    The below information gives a brief insight into the amazing work that Norfolk and Waveney Mind are doing across our districts. 

    "We are delighted to be partnering with South Norfolk and Broadland District Council, especially at a time when the need for our services is greater than ever before. 

    We work to ensure that no one in Norfolk and Waveney has to face a mental health problem alone and partnerships like this enable us to reach far more people, helping to build healthier, more resilient communities." 

    Norfolk and Waveney Mind - Partnerships Coordinator

    Norfolk and Waveney Mind Corporate Partnership Logo

    About Norfolk and Waveney Mind

    Norfolk and Waveney Mind are our local Mind mental health charity.  Whilst part of the mind network they are an independent charity and raise their own funds.

    Their ambition is to ensure that no one has to face poor mental health alone and with the right support and resources anybody can create a life that feels meaningful to them. 

    They work to reduce the stigma associated with mental health, support people in their recovery and champion better services for all.

    When you’re managing a mental health problem, or supporting someone who is, having access to the right information and support is vital.

    They support the people of Norfolk and Waveney with their mental health and wellbeing through their network of wellbeing centres, talking therapies, residential programmes, social groups, specialist programmes and mental health training.  From prevention support to crisis support, wherever you are on your mental health journey, they are here for you. 

    You can view their full directory of service on the Norfolk and Waveney Mind website

    The need for good quality mental health support, advice and information is greater than ever before:

    • 1 in 7 people in Norfolk live with depression
    • 801 residents of Norfolk have died from suicide in the last 10 years
    • 84% of people will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime
    • 20% of women aged 16 to 24 report having self harmed

    Norfolk and Waveney Mind are busier than ever, 60% of adults and young people who did not experience poor mental health before the pandemic are now experiencing mental health issues

    Since April last year they have seen an increase in demand for their talking therapies which include their Telephone Support Service, which has seen a 47% increase in referrals and their Low-Cost Counselling Service which has seen a 203% increase.

    Whether it’s you needing support, someone in your family, a friend or a work colleague, they are here for you.

    Call: 0300 330 5488
    Visit: Norfolk Waveney and Mind website