Housing Allocations Policy Consultation 2024

Welcome to the Housing Allocations Consultation 2024. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the relevant consultation document.

South Norfolk and Broadland continue to collaborate closely and act as one officer team. The Councils however remain very much sovereign and therefore each council has their own allocations policy. By focussing on the needs of both resident sets, officers and councillors have completed a holistic review of both policies. Due to housing issues being similar across the county at present the current proposals are identical. These may differ after consultation however their similarities allow your response to be completed in one or more ways.

If you wish to provide feedback on the proposals for South Norfolk only please click here  

If you wish to provide feedback on the Proposals for Broadland Council please click here  

If you have a vested interest in both locations, as a resident or a partner organisation and your comments will be identical for both councils please click here. Your feedback will then be presented as a return for both Broadland and South Norfolk. 

The Housing Allocations Consultation will be open for comments until close of business, 5th June 2024