Broadland Landowner Tree Planting Grant

Broadland Landowner Tree Planting Grant

Project outline

Landowner tree planting Grants aim to support local businesses, farmers and individuals, in partnership with their parish/town councils and/or tree wardens to plant trees in their local areas to improve the local environment for people and nature.

There is a recognition of the limited publicly owned space available for tree planting in some parts of the district.  Therefore, this grant encourages planting on private land in such a way that there are benefits to the public and local community in a broadly defined way.

Please note that applications for projects which have the involvement of parish councils and/or tree wardens will be prioritised.

Landowner grants will provide 100% of funding required for trees and guards in approved applications, however labour costs are not covered by grants.

There are two different ways to source trees and guards: either from a procurement framework via Broadland District Council, or independently from other suppliers.

Grants of up to approximately £1000 per applicant are available for local hedge and tree planting projects. This equates to up to 120m of hedgerow or 600 trees which is the maximum. For projects over this size applications could be made to other available schemes including Woodland Trust MOREwoods or MOREhedge schemes Trees for Landowners and Farmers - Woodland Trust.

The minimum size for a project is 25m or 125 trees.  For projects below this size applications can be made for subsidised tree packs from Norfolk County Council Tree pack information - Norfolk County Council.



Plant trees and hedges in our local communities, the right trees in the right place, including where there is limited public space for planting.  This will help to:

  • Improve biodiversity and habitat creation and help sustain wildlife
  • Improve the local environment for the benefit of the wider public
  • Capture carbon as the trees grow
  • Improve air and soil quality
  • Engage with the local community on environmental issues affecting their local area.


Eligible applicants and projects:

  • Grant funding will be available to individual landowners, farmers and local businesses.
  • Trees must be planted within the Broadland District Council area.
  • The project can be a stand-alone project or a self-contained aspect of an ongoing project.
  • This grant scheme is for projects that will take place in this tree planting season Nov 2022 to March 2023 or next Nov 2023 to March 2024.


Landowner Tree Grant Application Form

Landowner Tree Grant Guidance 

Landowner Tree Grant Memorandum of Understanding