2023 review of Parliamentary constituencies

The Boundary Commission for England has now closed its secondary consultation on new constituency boundaries. The consultation, which launched on 22 February and concluded on 4 April 2022, invited members of the public to have their say on the changes proposed for their area. As part of the consultation, the Commission held 32 public hearings across the country to allow people to provide their views in person. 

The Commission is now analysing all the responses submitted during the first and secondary consultation stages. They will produce a report deciding whether their proposals should change based on the feedback they received. Alongside this report, they will publish all the written representations they received during the secondary consultation, as well as the transcripts from public hearings. If their proposals change, they will hold a further four-week written consultation on their revised proposals later this year.

The Commission’s initial proposals for constituencies are still available to view via an interactive map online at bcereviews.org.uk.


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