'Pleased to see you'

Pleased to see you let's do it right protect everyone stick to the rules

Following a year which has proved a major challenge for our communities and businesses, which continues to have an impact, we are taking steps to support our local economies, specifically to encourage our communities to support local businesses.

The  colourful and welcoming 'Pleased to see you' campaign was launched in April 2021 by the Business Support team with EU grant funding.

The aim is to help encourage locals and visitors back to their high streets to enjoy shopping, haircuts, eating out and more, as we progress through the roadmap stages.

The campaign includes campaign packs, social media messages, competitions, vouchers and ongoing photography of businesses to promote through our channels.

We are still asking everyone, the public and businesses, to follow all the evolving safety rules to help avoid a return to another lockdown. Even if you have been vaccinated once or twice, the rules still apply.

Offers and information for local residents and businesses

  • Sharing safety with us

    Please let us know if a local business has been brilliant at keeping you safe and or let us know if you think a business you've been who could improve. We want to celebrate those who are getting it right and help others to get it right.

    Survey for South Norfolk residents
    Survey for Broadland residents 

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    If you don't already follow us on social media, now is the time - we'll keep you up to date on all the latest news and useful information for your community.

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  • Campaign packs

    Across the district COVID Support Advisors distributed posters, bunting and floor stickers in April. We are still posting packs if required - please contact your business support team and let them know if you'd like us to post one to you.

    COVID Support Advisors

    They continue to maintain a presence in our towns and can be spotted in their hi-vis jackets. If you have any questions or concerns always feel free to ask them.

    Especially useful if you're a hospitality business

    If you're working out the rules for Step 3, the UK Hospitality site is updated regularly with latest rules and regulations for any business offering hospitality indoors and or outdoors.

    See our business toolkit for Broadland and for South Norfolk.

    A guide to reopening a food business

    We recognise that reopening a hospitality business safely for everyone is complex, especially when regulations are changing. The information below should help:

    • the government website provides guidance on maintaining records of staff, customers and visitors to support NHS Test and Trace  
    • the Food Standards Agency have produced a point by point guide which covers all aspects of reopening a food business

    Please support Test and Trace

    Test and Trace has proved essential in identifying and essential local outbreaks so please encourage everyone to comply. The Regulations were amended 29 March 2021 and here is a useful summary:  

    • you must now request that every individual scan the NHS QR code or provide their contact details upon arrival, not just the lead member of the group. This is to make sure that every person can receive timely public health advice if they may have been exposed to COVID-19
    • you should make sure that all your staff have been notified of this change and understand why they are now required to ask all people entering the venue to scan the NHS QR code or provide their contact details. Exemptions include children under the age of 16 and people entering the venue for drop off/takeaway only. Posters are a good way to highlight the rules for your team and they can be downloaded here

    You can set up and print your unique NHS QR code poster here

    Before reopening your venue, you must make sure that you understand your obligations to:

    • request that all customers and visitors scan the NHS QR code or provide their contact details 
    • keep a record of all staff including shift times
    • provide an alternative method to collect contact details which doesn't require ownership of a smartphone
    • keep information securely for 21 days before destroying it, and provide it to NHS Test & Trace if requested
    • hospitality venues only: Please take reasonable steps to refuse entry to those who refuse to participate. This means you must to the best of your ability comply with the requirement to refuse entry and you should satisfy yourself that you have done all that could reasonably be expected.

    Hospitality businesses - please encourage lateral flow testing for your serving staff

    This is to protect food service staff who are generally younger and unlikely to have received their first vaccination.  Working in shift patterns and serving people who are not wearing masks while seated, increases the risk of exposure to your staff. Regular lateral flow testing is a therefore a sensible measure for these young workers: 

    Find your local site to get tested

    Mobile DATS (District Asymptomatic Testing Sites) are available in Broadland and South Norfolk. Find your nearest DATS site.

    The public and lateral flow testing

    As socialising increases it's important to test regularly. You can let your customers know that it is very easy to register and report results and that home testing kits can be picked up from many locations. Register now.

    Symptom-free testing with lateral flow tests

    Anyone in a private household or small business can order FREE packs of lateral flow test kits for delivery direct to their address for regular symptom-free testing. To order by website or phone please visit the government website.

    If you are managing a larger business in Norfolk we recommend you register on the Norfolk County Council website to start the process. 

    Around one in three people with coronavirus do not have symptoms and can therefore spread the virus without knowing. Symptom-free testing (also known as rapid testing or community testing) uses lateral flow device tests (LFDs) to identify people who do not have coronavirus symptoms but may be infectious. 

    Legionnaire's disease

    Other health risks continue to exist when reopening your business so please follow safety procedures to address water safety. Businesses must take steps to prevent the potentially deadly legionella bacteria from getting into their water systems especially after a period of inactivity. You may need specialist assistance depending on your situation.

    This useful guide will take you through the steps required to provide water safety.

    United Utilities has also released this information to help:

    • hot water systems should maintain water temperatures of at least 60ºC in storage cylinders and above 50ºC through the distribution system
    • cold water should be below 20ºC
    • make sure that water systems are flushed through at least weekly; more frequent flushing may be needed for some systems
    • flush all of the system outlets - it's not good enough to just flush one or two outlets on a large system
    • reduce the water levels in bulk tanks so there is less standing water
    • keep records of how you're preventing legionella during closure
    • if evaporative cooling systems are in use, these must be maintained as usual or switched off safely
    • where water systems have control measures built into the system, these should be maintained and kept working (if feasible) during a closure period
    • it is crucial that businesses have a plan to address the risks relating to re-opening and making sure the water supply is not contaminated

    Additional useful links on water safety:

    United Utilities information on re-opening your business
    Water safety in buildings
    Find a water hygiene expert