Pride in Place Community Grant

Applications for Pride in Place grants are now closed.

The Pride in Place Community Grant, funded through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, provides funding for town and parish councils and voluntary and charitable organisations to enhance the local community and area you live in. Proposals should foster a sense of local pride and belonging and build resilient, healthy and safe neighbourhoods that people want to live and work in. ​

We are looking to support:​

  • Projects that enhance community engagement and volunteering opportunities. ​
  • Projects that provide innovative responses to local problems. ​
  • Feasibility studies that will allow us to understand local needs to develop appropriate community facilities in the future. ​
  • The development of new or existing community facilities.​

Funding: ​

  • Capital: Grants are available to cover 50% of the total cost of a project, up to £25,000, for investment in capacity building and infrastructure support for local civil society and community groups.​

    Project examples include:
  • improvement work to an existing village hall
  • funding towards a new community sports pitch
  • funding towards a green infrastructure project.​
  • Revenue: Grants are available to help bring communities together to increase a greater sense of pride in place, this can be to address a specific challenge in the local community or to take up an opportunity that would bring the community together. ​

    Project examples include: 
  • building community cohesion in places where there have been large scale residential developments through community events
  • providing support to local volunteer groups
  • addressing an issue of antisocial behaviour through providing positive activities for young people
  • Feasibility: Grants are available to help improve understanding of local needs and develop future community and green infrastructure projects.​

    Project examples include: 
  • Feasibility study to understand the viability of a proposed multi-sport site
  • Feasibility study relating to proposed new community centre developments 
  • Feasibility study to determine the viability and options of land for a green infrastructure project.​

Funding eligibility: ​

  • Applications must come forward from the district council, the Town or Parish Council, a community organisation or voluntary organisation. ​

  • Projects must be carried out within South Norfolk or Broadland District Council areas. ​

  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate deliverability of the proposal.​

How to apply: ​

Applications are now closed for Pride in Plance grants. 

 Awarded funding will be able to be used from 1 April 2024, but must be fully spent by December 2024.

Funding Availability: ​

The Pride in Place Community Grant Fund, round 3, is open to applications until the 31st January 2024, projects will then be reviewed by independent appraisers and a project board, and a decision made on whether to proceed. ​


Pride in Place

If you would like to discuss our Pride in Place work programme further or find out more about our funding opportunities, please contact us through the details below.​

Telephone: 01508 535348