Broadland District Council Warm Spaces Grant

Broadland District Council wants to work with its communities, building on the fantastic relationships made during the pandemic, to create a network of Warm Spaces, a group of venues where Broadland residents can come together to stay warm, enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit (or two).

We want to support our residents, working with our thriving communities to ensure we:

  • continue to put people and families at the heart of everything we do
  • provide safe non-judgmental spaces for people to come together
  • support our communities to support themselves and each other
  • offer a warm welcome from the volunteers running these sessions

Warm space events/venues will offer you a warm welcome from the volunteers, every warm space is a non-judgmental space; whatever the reason for attending everyone will be treated the same.


The aim is to provide support to ensure a warm space is available to local residents free of charge and with no barriers to access.

Who can apply

Community groups, faith organisations, CIC’s, CIO’s, parish and town councils, and trusts can all apply for a Warm Space Grant provided they have a bank account that the grant can be paid in to.

Proposals that promote a religious or political purpose are not eligible to apply. 


  1. Grants can be used for any means that support the opportunity to provide a warm space this winter, this includes but is not limited to; energy bills, provision of free warm food/drinks, provide new events or activities, provision of supporting warmth by purchasing hats, scarves, blankets etc to be given to residents.
  2. Each space must be available for a minimum of one session of at least four hours every week.
  3. Innovative applications that bring together partners to offer a range of non-judgement based, practical support are welcomed.
  4. Warm Spaces are expected to engage with other local voluntary and community organisations to link residents with local support services where possible and appropriate.
  5. Warm Spaces are required to publicise the Help Hub contact details and liaise with the Communities Team to ensure wider support can be offered to residents in need
  6. Multiple bids from varying organisations across a town or parish council area are welcomed, though groups are expected to coordinate their offer to avoid duplication and spread availability.
  7. The grant value is up to £600. In order to ensure an equitable spread across the district and fair access to all residents, the Council reserves the right to refuse an otherwise eligible grant application on the grounds it considers the town or parish to already contain adequate provision.
  8. Grant applicants who are successful with their grant application will need to provide the District Council with monthly figures which show the total number of residents accessing the warm space on the allocated day or at the warm space event and the number of new residents accessing each session thereafter.  

Any further questions or enquiries, please contact the Communities Team.

Access the Warm Spaces application form

Communities Team

Address: Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Rd, Norwich NR7 0DU

Telephone: 01603 430611