Shop Front Improvement Grant scheme

This scheme aims to encourage and support the repair, redecoration and enhancement of shop fronts (and other qualifying frontages) by providing grant funding towards the cost of eligible works.

This scheme will help local businesses to grow and prosper, and to attract new investment in Broadland and South Norfolk’s market towns and other settlements. The overall improvement in the local environment will help in attracting customers and aid the overall regeneration of Broadland and South Norfolk shopping areas.

We recognise that maintenance may not have been kept up during enforced periods of closure, and under the financial impacts of Covid, so we now see this as part of supporting the recovery of the business community from the effects of the pandemic and putting those businesses on a better footing for future trading.

If you are interested in finding out more about how the scheme may support the improvement of a premises and to apply follow the relevant link below depending on the district you are based in.

Broadland businesses apply for a Shop Improvement Grant

South Norfolk businesses apply for a Shop Improvement Grant

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