COVID Safe Certificate

Covid safe award for broadland and south norfolk

We are pleased to announce the launch of our COVID Safe award. This is designed to support our local retail and hospitality sector, by helping to provide reassurance to the public that it is safe to return to our shops, bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants and other venues operating within the district.  

This self-assessment application is to give you an understanding of some of the areas you need to consider and have in place to gain the COVID Safe Certificate.   

Where appropriate you will need to demonstrate or provide evidence that you have adequate COVID-19 control measures in place appropriate to your venue. Photographic evidence of control measures will be required as part of the application process and a Covid Support Advisor will visit your premises to conduct COVID Safe certification checks before issuing your COVID Safe Certificate.

If your certification is only partially successful for any reason, you will receive advice on what needs to be improved. A follow up visit can be arranged although you might have to wait for the next opportunity because we expect certificates to be in high demand.

Further unannounced visit checks will also be conducted from time to time to assess continued compliance and customers will be encouraged to provide feedback which will also be used to inform decisions to undertake compliance audits.

Once completed, please submit with at least three photographs showing control measures and signage, evidence of staff training and where you have one, your COVID-19 risk assessment. Please ensure that you provide a clear explanation of how you are controlling the risk of COVID infection to staff and customers at your premises.

Once completed you will be contacted by a council officer.

Reopening Norfolk Safely - Guidance for Businesses

South Norfolk
Fill in the self-assessment application Fill in the self-assessment application
Fill in the customer feedback form Fill in the customer feedback form

Useful websites to help you complete this checklist:

Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils support for business
Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)
Making your workplace COVID-Secure during the coronavirus pandemic
Food, safety and licensing COVID information
Online COVID-19 resources and webinars from the CIEH

Terms and conditions:

  • the scheme is owned and operated by Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils including all rights to marketing material, artwork, leaflets and Covid Safe certificates associated with the scheme
  • only authorised officers from or appointed by Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils ("The council") will operate the scheme, carry out site visits/audits and issue decisions
  • the council's decision whether to accept and approve an application is final, notwithstanding an aggrieved party may take advantage of the council's complaints procedure if he/she is aggrieved at a decision
  • the council reserves the right to withdraw COVID Safe Certification in accordance with the procedure outlined in the details contained in the supporting document titled COVID Safe Certification Project - Introduction and Overview - Broadland and South Norfolk
  • ownership of all COVID Safe certificates, leaflets and posters remains with the council. In the event of a business withdrawing from the project, or where accreditation is removed either temporarily or permanently, the business agrees to remove any displayed certificates or leaflets and either destroy them or return them to the council

Broadland Food, Safety & Licensing Team

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South Norfolk Food, Safety & Licensing Team

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